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GREEN STAR PRO Area Rug Cleaning | Oriental Rug Cleaning, Clean Persian Rugs

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Rug Cleaning, Persian & Turkish Rug Cleaning

GreenSTAR Pro is the leader service and premier source for any kind of Area Rug Cleaning in Arlington heights, Barrington, Buffalo grove, Schaumburg, Long grove, Lake Zurich, Inverness, Palatine, Lake Forest IL, Northbrook, Glenview for your peace of mind, with proven standards of quality. Your rugs represent investments in value, beauty and design, and they deserve expert maintenance treatment for long-term usage. We will preserve your rug’ year in year out sparkling new appearance no matter what the challenge.

MSP Rug Cleaning MSP Rug Cleaning

Our technicians take special care of your rugs and always identify what stains are present before we gently wash these away with our natural cleansers. We use natural products to stabilize the PH of the different fibers and colors to restore your rugs.
Wool, handmade and silk rugs are a good investment because they are naturally made well. Wool and silk rugs are durable and the natural oils keep your rug from looking dull. That is why in our wash we only use natural cleaners. These cleaners also neutralize other harsh cleaners that may be present before we received your rug and could cause color run, fade and aging to your rug. Removing Dust is very important step in our procedures.

Master GreenSTAR Pro's 17 Magic Steps Area Rug Cleaning Process

MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Inspection & Pickup
MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Vaccuming & Dusting
MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Color Test & Fringe Pre-treatment
MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Pre-Conditioning & Effective Cleaning
MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Inspection and Drying
MSP Rug CleaningMSP Rug Cleaning
Grooming and Final Documentation

Initial Inspection upon Pick-Up or Drop-Off:
we will determine about the type of rug, inherent characteristics and conditions that may affect cleaning. A company representative will come to your home to transport your rugs or you may drop off rugs.
Pre-Inspection and Photo Documentation:
Every rug is thoroughly pre-inspected and photo documented front, back and sides to determine and identify if there are pre-existing conditions, which could potentially affect the cleaning process. We will carefully document these conditions to help determine the best method of safely yet effectively cleaning your rug. We will give you expertise and workmanship consistent with industry standards of care combined with results that may be limited by the conditions and cleaning situation we encounter.
Your rug is carefully pre-vacuumed with a Carpet and Rug Institute approved commercial vacuum to remove surface hair, dander, lint and other insoluble dry soil.
Woven rugs, especially hand-knotted wool pile rugs hide substantially more dry soil than wall-to-wall carpet. We use a variety of techniques to remove the dust. This is the most important step in cleaning any rug, as dry particle soil can cut the rug's delicate fibers and cause premature wear. Following dusting, the rug's face is vacuumed once again to remove fine particles left on the surface.
Color fastness test as appropriate:
We will perform a prolonged colorfastness test to determine which cleaning method to employ to avoid potential color migration problems while achieving the most effective cleaning results.
Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.
Pre-conditioning your rug prior to cleaning allows the soil to be thoroughly dissolved and emulsified prior to the actual cleaning process.
Fringe Pre-treatment:
The fringe is also pre-treated with a specialty fringe cleaner for maximum soil and spot removal.
Effective Cleaning:
Our rug experts will evaluate your rug to choose the best cleaning procedure based on fiber content, delicacy and colorfastness.
Rinse or Flush:
Depending on the type of rug, water will be thoroughly rinsed from your rug with extraction equipment or flushed with a specialized wand in a rug bath designed especially for area rugs and Orientals.
Forced Air Drying:
After soil removal, the rug may be dried flat on our specialty rug drying platform or hung to dry on our rug tower in a climate controlled environment. Inadequate or incomplete drying or wet cleaning on-location could cause prolonged drying, texture change, cellulosic browning, dye migration, mold growth, dimensional change, and/or dry rot.
Additional Fringe Cleaning or Correction:
Some rugs require additional fringe cleaning after the initial cleaning.
Grooming and Final Vacuuming:
When the rug is dry, it is groomed in the direction of the pile with a soft bristle brush made for specialty rugs.
Application of Fabric Protection:
Fluorochemical protectors resist particle soiling as well as water and oil-based stains. Application of fabric protectors can enhance the performance of your rug and help keep it clean longer. Since fluorochemical coatings may be worn off over time by traffic and maintenance (e.g., vacuuming), they should be reapplied after a period of use and following professional cleaning.
Post Inspection:
Our cleaning specialist will give the rug a final inspection and release it for pick-up or delivery.
Roll and Secure with Plastic Tape or Wrap:
We will carefully wrap them for ease in handling prior to delivery.
Customer Pick-up or MSP Delivery:
Upon delivery, we will re-lay the rug for you as long as you have secured your breakables and the area is clear of all large furniture.

Rug Cleaning

1: Initial Inspection

2: Pre-Inspection

3: Pre-vacuuming

4: Dusting

5: Color fastness test

6: Pre-spotting

7: Pre-Conditioning

8: Fringe Pre-treatment

9: Effective Cleaning

10: Rinse or Flush

11: Forced Air Drying

12: Fringe Cleaning

13: Grooming and Vacuuming

14: Fabric Protection

15: Post Inspection

16: Plastic Tape or Wrap

17: Customer Pick-up or Delivery