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Master Service Water Damage-Flooded Basement

Flooding, plumbing leaks and water damage can happen at any time. Internal and external forces can harm valuable items, carpets, furnishings and structural components. Even in a well-maintained building, pipes can break, toilets can overflow and water can seep behind walls and under floors. Waterlines for refrigerators often create concealed leaks that go unnoticed until mold and mildew have accumulated behind the appliance.

Mold Removal- Tile & Grout Master Service Mold Cleaning

In homes and offices, common places for mold to grow are kitchens and bathrooms where even a small drip can create an environment for mold to thrive. Leaks or condensation in HVAC systems or on ductwork can create mold problems along with any moisture that gets in the walls, ceilings or under floors. However, mold impacts people differently. Children, the elderly, asthma sufferers, and those with allergies are more susceptible to having reactions to the presence of mold.


Master Service: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Professional Mold Inspections, serving Lake, Cook and DuPage County. All Cleaning Technician are IICRC Certified.

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We have the knowledge and expertise to help you walk through the Water Damage and Mold Removal process better than anyone.  For more than 30 years, we have helped countless home owners with mold removal and flooded basement cleanup process successfully. 

Master Service Mold Removal Mold Inspection

Mold Removal Mold Inspection

Mold can affect the appraisal value of a home. For some buyers, this is a good thing because it makes a home more affordable. But if you’re hoping to move into a home in excellent condition, don’t make an offer on a home with mold until you’ve had an independent appraisal. FHA appraisers, for example, are required not only to note if mold is growing in a home, but also the type of mold and its location. If you find that the mold growing in the home is black mold, there are a few things you should know: toxic black mold can cause permanent damage to your health and in extreme cases has even lead to death.

Master Service Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

From flooding to sewer back ups to burst pipes, water damage can severely dampen the flow of business in your commercial building. Luckily, Master Service Pro Water Damage can help. Master Service Pro is the United States’ industry expert in water and flood recovery. With our wealth of experience and resources, MSP can get you back in business as quickly and safely as possible. The MSP water restoration process includes: inspect and assess, remove water, dehumidification, evaporation, monitoring and structural repairs. Don’t leave the fate of your business up to chance; call MSP.

Master Service Carpet, Tile, Upholstery, Rug Cleaning

Carpet, Tile, Upholstery, Rug Cleaning

Our residue free hot water extraction cleaning method is recommended by carpet manufacturers. We extract all the dirt, sand, grit and grime from your carpet using a high powered patented six inch overlap carpet cleaning process and a residue free cleaning solution.

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