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How to Get Rid of Mold in the Basement

At least 70% of households have mold. 28% are predisposed to the health problems it causes.

1 in 10 children dies from symptoms of allergic rhinitis and mold sickness. It’s also dangerous for those with weak immune systems.

Mold can grow in any area of your home, but basements are one of the most common. The fungus thrives in warm, moist areas.

Read on to learn how to remove mold in the basement and call us to schedule a mold inspection.


Identify the Mold

There are nearly 100,000 species of mold, not all of which are toxic. Finding out which one you have and where it is the first step to getting rid of it.

Check areas where moisture and condensation tend to gather. These include HVAC systems, pipes, appliances, foundations, walls, and sump pumps.

If you notice signs of moisture such as puddles or leaks in these areas, look for signs of mold as well. They include:

  • Damp or musty smells
  • Dark spots
  • Burn marks
  • Peeling paint
  • Allergic reactions

Prep the Area

Basement mold removal is a dangerous task that you may not even want your insurance company’s contractor to take on. Hire a specialist if the fungus takes up more than 10 square feet.

Knowing how to get rid of mold in the basement starts with knowing how to prepare. Wear protective equipment such as:

  • Masks and respirators
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Long shirts
  • Long pants
  • Closed-toed shoes

Remove any mold-covered items from the house. These are most often textiles such as drywall, carpeting, and curtains.

Dry out any moisture and lay down drop cloths. Ventilate the area so that you don’t breathe in any mold spores. Open windows and use dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air.

Treat Mold in the Basement

Once you and your work area are prepared, you can begin removing mold in the basement.

IMPORTANT: The EPA recommends only removing mold yourself if it covers an area less than 10 square feet. Any larger than that and you need to call in Master Service Pro.

Spray any affected area with a mold remover. Try to avoid ones that contain bleach. It’s a hazardous chemical that won’t always remove mold that’s embedded in basement walls. Consider alternatives such as:

  • Vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Borax
  • Essential oils

Spray the remover over all the mold. Wipe it across the surface with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Use a stiff cleaning brush to work it in. Give it 30 minutes to dry before starting again.

IMPORTANT: Vinegar and other solutions are unlikely to be effective at cleaning mold out of porous or absorbent surfaces or on larger areas with toxic/black mold. In the meantime these solutions might not prevent mold from coming back so it is crucial to Contact us at Master Service Pro for mold removal.

Our Contact Number is: (847) 250-7760


The process kills the spores but leaves the rest of the mold behind. Dish detergent and hot water can be a helpful final step but will ruin bare drywall. Paint over it with a mold-encapsulating product instead.

Prevent Mold from Returning

Prevent mold in basement walls and floors by sealing up holes or cracks. Eliminate moisture by sealing leaks or condensation in your pipes.

Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels below 50% and discourage mold growth. A negative air pressure machine filters out air from ducts and removes mold spores.

Clogged filters spread mold throughout your house. Don’t forget to clean and change the ones in your furnace and air conditioning unit.

Seal your foundation with a dry gypsum wall and primer to prevent water from getting in. Keep your gutters clean so that water doesn’t drip down.

You may have to do a lot of repainting after mold removal. Mix in a mold inhibitor with the paint.

Find Out Where to Get Professional Mold Removal

Removing mold in the basement is an emergency. Look for signs that lead you to where it hides. Prep the area and yourself for the job.

Use the necessary equipment to rub it out. Remove unnecessary moisture to keep it from coming back.

Contact us at Master Service Pro for mold removal in your basement, garage, kitchen, attic or your business today.


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